The "Sirri Lund" Cardigan


Sirri is the company who make the wool used by Gudrun & Gudrun to make their jumpers. Since its inception in 2000 Sirri has pursued a policy of engaging both Faroe island and international designers with its natural, organic product in order to produce unique, stylish, practical garments. All the designers are brought to the Faroe islands and shown the processes used in the production of the wool, before they are invited to design for them.

The garments are fulled according to traditional methods. This procedure ensures that the garment is wind- and water resistant while it maintains its soft and warm texture...

We firmly believe this is as near as you can get to a Gudrun & Gudrun jumper - except made into a cardigan. These cardigans are made from the same wool, using a traditional Faroese pattern and shipped directly from the Faroe Islands to us. They're significantly cheaper, just as warm, just as weatherproof, plus you're far less likely to bump into somebody else wearing one!!!

As a no-nonsense cop, we like to think Sarah Lund would approve

  • Sarah Lund Style organic Faroese cardigan

    Unisex "Sirri Lund" cardigan
    (Because sometimes you need buttons)