About "The Killing" ("Forbrydelsen")

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First shown on Denmark's DR1 TV channel in 2007, Forbrydelsen ("the crime") is a phenomenally successful TV crime series following Copenhagen detective Sarah Lund (played by Sophie Grabøl) through the process of solving an individual case.

To date, two series have been made. Series 1 consists of 20 episodes, following the murder of 19 year old Nana Birk Larsen, the series mixes a sensitive investigation of the effects of Nana's murder on her close family with a complex subplot involving local politician Troels Hartmann who is seeking re-election and is caught up in the affair.

It is fair to say, however, that the series' greatest success is with the central character, Sarah Lund herself - a tough, single-minded detective, played by Grabøl "as like a man", Lund has attracted a huge international following both for her meticulous investigation and her no-nonsense fashion sense.

It was this first series which first sparked interest in "that jumper" (which is why you're here of course). The jumper appeared to magically heal itself after being slashed by a bad guy early on in the series and despite being switched with a more subdued version on a few occasions, went on to become Faroe Island designer Gudrun & Gudrun's "best seller ever".

The show really took off on the international stage in 2011. Having already been shown in other European countries it was picked up by the BBC and a US re-make (originally commissioned in 2010) was shown on cable channel AMC.