Show us your best Sarah Lund Impersonation!

By way of celebrating the (>>ahem<< somewhat delayed) delivery of our latest batch of jumpers, we’re asking you all to send us a picture of your best Sarah Lund impersonation! – we appreciate you’ve probably had a good opportunity to practice your frowny stares over Christmas while waiting for ¬†your jumper to arrive, so put on your jumpers and send us a photo!

There’ll be an appropriately Danish prize for the person we feel is most effectively channelling their inner Sarah Lund.

By way of a starter for ten (and to prove that we’re not even slightly sexist here at SarahLundSweater) here is proud customer Christina Levens’ husband Andrew sporting his freshly arrived jumper…


We like the inscrutable eyes Andrew – but is that the hint of a smile?

Think you can “out-Lund” Andrew? let’s have ’em! – please send your pictures to

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