OK so where can I buy it?

Gudrun & Gudrun logoWell, a hand-knitted, organic wool jumper shipped from an island in the middle of the north atlantic isn’t going to be cheap, is it? Furthermore, the Sarah Lund sweater is not a folksy cottage industry. It is designed and produced by the hyper-savvy fashion knitwear brand Gudrun & Gudrun, who just happen to be based in the Faroe Islands. G&G are quite rightly proud of their design and have protected it by pursuing a rigorous legal campaign against those who would produce “knock-offs” or “look-alikes”. So, if you want to buy a Sarah Lund jumper “off the rack” then there’s only one place to go, and only one price to pay… The Gudrun & Gudrun original is available for €280 from the Gudrun&Gudrun website

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