Knitting the pattern in

Beryl’s top tip #2 : Tip 2: When you get to the Fair Isle pattern make sure that you don’t pull the wool too tightly as you carry it along the back as you’re working through the chart because this would cause it to pucker.

Looking good!

Looking good!

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2 Responses to “Knitting the pattern in”

  1. ruth newton Says:

    Hi I am knitting chevron sweater from series 3. I can’t work out from pattern instructions how to pick up stitches at bottom of body and sleeves and then do short rows to get to rib. Any ideas?

  2. Sarah Lund Says:

    Hi Ruth,

    Beryl has said she’d be happy to talk you through it over the phone, but it’s tricky to do via the web. Send your phone number in via the “Contact Us” form and I’ll pass it on to Beryl.

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