Making the Emma Kennedy knitting pattern with Organic Sirri wool

Hi, I’ve had a couple of requests in from people who’ve bought “The Killing Handbook”, asking how much wool / what ply etc is required to knit Kathy Calmejane’s pattern given in the book. Flipping through my copy, I see that Kathy’s pattern uses a lighter weight (merino) wool knitted on smaller needles than I suggest – I’ve asked Kathy the question (I’m a jumper, not a knitter) – as soon as I hear anything, I’ll put it up here, so I will be able to finish my sweater, since I love sweaters..


… I’ve heard back from Kathy, who doesn’t think it will be too difficult to knit the pattern using a heavier wool. She’s given the Ravelry details of the wool she uses… it’s here:

(You’ll need a Ravelry account to access it, but it’s free to join)

If you compare that to the Sirri “Viking Yarn” I suggest : You can draw your own conclusions… I’m sending a batch of yarn to Kathy tomorrow, so we’ll find out soon!

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