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She’s rocketing through the mid-section now. The straightforward stocking stitch (knit 1 row, purl 1 row) goes much quicker. She’s now up to the second fairisle row and reckons it’s much easier second time around. Here’s a top tip for you: Tip 3: It’s a good idea to enlarge the chart for the Fair Isle […]

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Knitting the pattern in

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Beryl’s top tip #2 : Tip 2: When you get to the Fair Isle pattern make sure that you don’t pull the wool too tightly as you carry it along the back as you’re working through the chart because this would cause it to pucker. << prev¬†¬†next>>

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Back in November, I got a contact email from Adele Carroll who wanted some advice regarding the pattern in Sarah Kennedy’s “Killing Handbook”. It turns out her mum was going to knit it for her. Adele didn’t need much persuasion when I suggested she ask her mum to send details of the job whilst it […]

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